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A type of sexual torture of pleasure is simply used to create a greater sensitivty to areas on the body than normal touch. You create the abrasions by scratching or rubbing of the skin such as metal objects or brushes.

That's being aroused by sounds. These sounds may take any form such as dirty talking, sexual commands, groaning, heavy breathing, music. Its also any other natural sound that occurs during sex or that expresses ecstasy.

That's being sexually aroused by heights. A common favourite is sex at high altitudes (most commonly referred to as the 'Mile High Club' where people have sex on airplanes). Activities such as Sky Diving, where by you mix high

Altitudes, a form of bondage (with the outfit), suspension and vertigo are perfect places to mix fun and sexual thrills.

That's being sexually aroused by an amputee, either in thoughts or actual deeds. Someone who has this fetish may even ask their partner to wrap one of their limbs in a bandage to fulfill their fantasy. In more extreme cases acrotomophilies sometimes amputate a healthy limb for their own sexual arousal.

That's getting turned on by dressing like a teenager or acting like one.

Having sex outside marriage or a relationship without your partner or even without the consent of your partner.

That's getting turned on by having sex in a public place, such as a doorway or park bench.

That's not being able to have sex without imagining your partner is someone else.. In hetrosexual women or gay men it is called alloandrism. In hetrosexual men and lesbians it is called allogynia.

Anal Sex
That's taking it, or giving it (having sex) up your anus or back passage. Its especially popular amongst gay men. Apart from the idea of 'pure pleasure' It's been known to be used as an alternative to contraception. It takes a little getting used to, and is advisable to be relaxed using plenty of lubrication and involves a little 'warming up' before your first experience. It is widely regarded that men enjoy anal stimulation more than women due to the location of the certain muscles. They don't always tell you this, but there is always a small risk of it getting 'messy' with vigorous action on a dodgy stomach; some people choose to douche or have enemas first.

Licking the anus

Kissing the anus

Anolingus (aka Rimming)
That's putting your tongue into and around your partner's anus stimulating their other g-spots. This activity is seen as somewhat unsafe without any sexual protection of a dental dam as diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis and giardia are easily spread by this practice.  Other problems such as parasites that live in the lower intestine can cause diseases if relocated to the upper intestine or when ingested by the one licking the anus.

That's dreaming about losing a limb or having a body part surgically removed. In some cases these people will even injure themselves to the point where they need the limb amputated.

A man can (lucky chap) performs oral sex on himself

Using your armpit for sex. The armpit can be a very sensitive area and has advantages for men because of the tightness and friction against the penis if the armpit is hairy. The advantage of this type of sex is that there is no risk of disease of pregnancy. Performing this act just after shaving can also create a greater sensation.


This is the act of having anal sex without a condom or any safe sex protection, mostly used in the gay world.

BD This is all about sexual arousal by restricting the movement of another person by using such things as rope, restraints and specialized clothing. Its is very much about not being in control and the bondee to a lesser or greate extent gives up control and is in the hands of their lover. Bondage is often combined with Sadomasochism (SM) to create what is often called BDSM.

This in short is Bondage/BD taken to a more extreme, and to an extent, more formalised fantasy world. In short it generally involves a Master and Slave, which are also referred to as Madams, Mistresses, servants, tops, bottoms or simply no defined descriptions. Its most important that you establish 'safe words' that stop or tone down the game and you must ALWAYS respect the other persons limits.

Bondage scenes should be negotiated in advance to determine the type of scene they want to act out and how far they want to take it safely. It's the dominant persons responsibility to adhere to the game rules and the safe word to ensure that everyone gets what they want the experience. BDSM is more often not about sex, but sexual thrills that the people get either from being in charge, or giving up control without the 'pressures' some associated with sex. It's quite common for people to take the opposite role from their everyday personality.

A descriptive normally given to older gay men,  who are essentially big lads with lots of body hair and quite often a beard. Younger larger men are sometime referred to a cubs.

Getting turned on by needles.

Bigyny (Bigynist)
Sex with one male and two females, which is sometimes also called the ulitmate male fantasy!

Biviry (Bivirist)
Sex with one female and two males.

That's wrapping certain specific areas of the body for sexual pleasure such as genitals, breasts or feet. Pleasure comes from the compression, or pressure on the area bound. This act is unlike mummification where your partner totally submits and their whole body is wrapped.

Sometime referred to simply as Bi. It's someone who is sexually attracted to both men and women. There are many reasons that one may be bisexual, and many believe most people are bisexual, it's simply a matter of where on the scale between straight and gay you lay. Some bisexuals feel that both sexes are the same, all flesh and bumps, whilst others enjoy what they perceive as the different characteristics both in terms of their bodies and their mental attitudes.

Blood sports
This involves real blood in any kind of sexual activity for deliberate enjoyment. At least it gives foxes a day off.
Also see Vampirism.

Blow Job See Oral Sex

Bondage (aka BD) See BD

Most often used in gay male relationships, it refers to the partner taking a submissive role, most often Those who play the submissive role are referred to as a bottom (most often in gay males). Other common terms are: submissive, sex slave and servant. Those who are in control of the game are called tops (Masters, Dominant Partner).

Using of a sausage as a dildo (we recommend a Brockwurst).

Using a dildo or other implement (now be creative!) for female masturbation.

A very deep form of fisting whereby the whole arm enters the anus. Brown See Coprophilia

Butt Plugs
It's an anal insert to stimulate sexual pleasure. These inserts come in various sizes from very small to very large, in plastic, rubber or metal and normally have a lip so that they don't 'slip in' accidently.


Where watching your partner having sex with a third person turns you on.

The use a cane to hit specific parts of the body such as bottom, back or hands to discipline and pleasure a partner, sometimes leaving a mark if they like it 'hard'. Often used in role playing (but we'll let you create your own scenarios), but its not a universal turn on.

A plastic tube that goes into the urethra (piss tract).

This can be choice, or by really bad luck, but it means that your not having sex with another person. In its purest form it implies a 'chaste' lifestyle that avoids any sexual pleasures and temptations. This for example allows you to concentrate on other matters, such as faith, spirituality or be a 'recharge' before heading back into a sexual life.

Chastity Belt/ Chastity Devices
Generally they are leather or metal 'belts 'that look a bit like a jock strap. They prevent the wearer having penetrative sex; in women these belts prevent an erect penis to be penetrated either vaginally or through the anus; in men it's usually a metal plate or guard at the front to stop the penis from getting erect. The chastity belt is nowadays most commonly used in fantasy role play.

It's the sexual kick you (might) get whilst masturbating and having 'a number 2' at the same time.

Chubby Chaser
It's someone who specifically pursues or chases a larger or overweight partner.

Circle Jerk
This involves a group of men wanking off together. This can be a 'gay thing' but it does also happen with straight men who enjoy company. It only involves masturbating yourself and no interaction between participants.

Male Circumcision: this is the removal of the foreskin that covers the penis gland (head). Certain religions (Judaism) and certain countries (USA until recently) routinely removed it soon after birth for traditional or (supposed) hygiene considerations. Circumcision can be done as an adult but is a difficult process and can cause pain as they penis head no longer has the protection its used to. There is a growing trend amongst (non Jewish) men to try and 'grow back' this skin, but it's a complex process. There is much argument whether a foreskin (or lack of) increases or decreases sexual sensitivity.

Female Circumcision: That's cutting the hood that covers the clitoris, but this makes sex painful for the women and is normally associated with sexual abuse in third world countries.

Clamps can be used to induce more severe pain in sex play and or to increase the sensation to such areas as the nipples or genitals, if that's your cup of tea.

This is when sexually excited by being confined in a small space such as a closest, box or cage.

See Orgasm and Multiple Orgasm.

This is a sex aid that is placed at the base of the penis below the testicles and around the penis to help sustain an erection. You'll quite often see them on strippers as well who use them to stay 'plumped up' for a show. Rings are available in different sizes and materials such as metal, rubber, leather and plastic. It's actually potentially dangerous to use them as they work by stopping the blood circulation and if on the dick for too long can lead to serious implications. After you've put them on, your (or his) penis gets gorged with blood and that makes it hard to take the ring off before you loose a stiffy, that's even more true with metal rings. If your having real problems, try ice to reduce the swelling.

In this case it's a drink made up of body fluids like sperm, blood or urine for sexual kicks. This really isn't considered safe sex as the body fluids may carry viruses or bacteria. Coming Also cuming, see Climax

A sheaf made from latex or polyurethane that is rolled out over the penis for safe sex (i.e. stopping diseases and as a contraceptive device). They come in different sizes and thickness', and whilst stronger condoms are generally recommended for anal sex, some organisations say its how hard you use the condom that counts; all major brands are normally fairly strong, but if you're having sex for a prolonged time, you should change condoms to prevent rips.

In the olden days they were made from really thick rubber that got washed out after use, and before then back towards the earlier days of civilization they made from pig's bladders or soft leather.
Female condoms: made of polyurethane they are placed in the vagina (and have to be held there so they don't slip in) whilst the man penetrates 'normally'. They have had a mixed press

Coprophilia (aka Scat)
Getting turned on my playing with and using (shit)m for your sexual kicks. Sometimes referred to as Brown.

Corporal Punishment/ CP
Like it sounds, it's a form of SM inspired by the kind of physical punishment once common in schools, the army etc. It's the infliction of pain as punishment using, for example, blows with the hand, a whip, cane or switch.

It's a girdle that is placed around the lower abdomen (above the pelvis, below the bust) to restrict movement and to decrease the size of the waist. Corsets can be used in sex play to increase arousal and induce an orgasm by it's removal or by the restriction it creates whereby the person who is wearing it has to breath vary deeply. In extreme cases some people also removes ribs

Cross-dressing/ Crossdresser
Wearing clothing associated with the opposite sex either for sexual arousal, or because of gender issues.

Cunnilingus (Oral Sex on a Female)
It is the act of licking, kissing or gently sucking the female genitals i.e clitoris, labia and vaginal area.

Cyber Sex (aka Virtual Sex)
Using a computer for sex games. This could be talking to another person (stranger or partner) via text or web-cams as a 'masturbatory' aid, or playing games on CD-Roms. This are 'high-tech' toys being developed which with body suits and eyewear will allow you to immerse yourself into a visual and physical 'virtual' sex experience.


Getting turned on by seeing your sexual partner crying. You evil person you.

Getting sexually aroused by seeing tears in your partners eyes.

Being turned on by trees.

An artificial penis shaped, or penis inspired sex aid used to stimulate either the vagina or anus. It can be used as a masturbation aid, or as part of sex play with you lover. They come in too many shapes and varieties to go into here, but check out our shop to learn a bit more. A dildo with a strap that means a woman can have her own hard on is called a strap-on, and that vibrates for extra stimulation is called. a vibrator.

The earliest known reference to a dildo was in Aristophanes play 'Lysistrita' written nearly 3,000 years ago. They were called 'ladies comforters' used whilst them men were away at war, they were  6 inches long, covered in leather and cane from Miletus in present day Turkey.. and not a lot of people know that

This term is usually used in SM games and refers to the obedience training, punishment and control of another person.

This is a form of masturbation usually done between two men where the foreskin of one partner is stretched over his partner's penis locking the two together. Once in place the skin is stroked back and forth over the two penises. Between hetrosexual couples sometimes the female uses a dildo as the second penis using the same technique.

This one is about couples who have sex inside their parked car while a crowd of people watch them from outside.

This is a professional dominatrix or mistress (female) who is paid to act out S/M role games with paying clients that do not include sex. It isn't very common to find women playing submissive roles as their is a higher risk to their health and if they do play a bottom there is usually more than one involved.

Rinsing out a vagina or anus with a jet of liquid. This procedure is used in sex games, birth control and for hygiene purposes. A douche is often a rubber sack that you squeeze and shoots water through a sAmanda Kiss with holes in it. Frequent douchings isn't recommended; the vagina naturally cleans itself and has a regulated amount of bacteria and chemicals that can be thrown out of balance by douching. A high pressure jet of liquid can cause serious damage if it enters the uterus and fallopian tubes.
Golden Douche: Most commonly used in sex play where your partner urinates into your vagina or anus directly after ejaculating. This isn't considered very 'safe sex'.
Vaginal Douche: This method is often used for birth control though it's not very effective as it only takes as little as 2 minutes for sperm to enter the cervical canal.

Drag Queens
Men who dress in female clothing, but drag queens unlike transvestites or others do this for fun and entertainment purposes. The aim isn't really to 'pass' as female, but be an exaggerated version of one

Drag Kings
These are women who 'drag up' as men to either go out for an evening or for everyday life. Sometimes women try and pass as men, but sometimes it's more about fun.

Dry Humping See Frottage

Dungeons (aka Play Room or Game room)
This is a private room (often soundproofed) kept for the sole purpose of SM and BDSM play. They come in as many styles as living rooms, but favourites include: medieval torture chambers; children's rooms; fantasy scenes or just a display of favourite implements, aids and toys. The room might well contain hooks, chains, bondage equipment, body harness table, a cage, whips, paddles.. the list just goes on an on.